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Flagship Business Brokers are experts in mitigating effective selling and purchasing of local businesses.

Our team offers a proven track record of delivering fast, cost-efficient, and client-focused transactions. Flagship’s leadership has extensive experience with local small and medium-sized businesses, as well as with internationally recognized firms specializing in finance, law, and strategy consulting. When you seek to purchase or sell a business, select the best Calgary business broker service around.

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Jonathan is an Alberta business owner, marketer, and investor. Born and raised near Lethbridge, Alberta, Jonathan was raised by entrepreneurial parents who have owned an organic grocery store for over 23 years, which he recently helped develop into an international e-commerce brand.

After graduating from post-secondary, Jonathan started Symbol Syndication, which provides marketing and corporate film production to a diverse spectrum of businesses, including several Global 500 companies.

Jonathan also hosts The Ambition Project, which promotes entrepreneurship and showcases local Calgary business owners.

As a Calgary business broker, Jonathan’s ambition and pleasure are the success of the entrepreneurs he works with and serves.



Ben T. Seward founded Vantage Law in 2015. His clients range from start-ups and growth-stage companies to mature multinational enterprises, including private and public corporations, not-for-profit organizations, private equity funds, investment banks, and entrepreneurs. Ben regularly advises clients on their day-to-day corporate and commercial matters as well as extraordinary corporate transactions such as mergers & acquisitions and other strategic business transactions.

Having previously worked at leading Canadian law firms, Ben has accumulated a wealth of business law experience spanning a wide range of commercial issues across many industries and jurisdictions.

Ben is skilled at guiding his clients through every business-cycle of their enterprise, whether it be advising on: the initial structuring (or subsequent restructuring) of the organization (i.e., shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, and joint venture agreements); the growth stage of the business and implementation of key contracts and documentation critical to its commercial operations (i.e., services and supply agreements, licensing, executive employment agreements, stock option plans, corporate governance guidelines, privacy policies and website terms and conditions); or guiding businesses through any extraordinary commercial transactions (i.e., capital raising, mergers & acquisitions, purchases or divestitures of stock or assets, strategic business combinations and dissolutions).

In terms of industry sectors, Bens scope of commercial law experience spans multiple industries and disciplines including technology, importation and sale of consumer goods, restaurateurs, franchising, fitness, private equity, co-working, automotive (dealerships and services), investment fund management, licensed producers of cannabis, resources, and infrastructure.


Flagship Business Brokers understands that the day-to-day operations of a business can often outshine the need of implementing effective succession planning for your company. That’s why our experts plan on mitigating the process as much as possible to achieve the highest value and the right buyers for your business.

Whether you are seeking to sell or acquire a business, we’re here to assist you with the best moves every step of the way.


Whether you are on the buyer side or the seller side, making a good first impression is key to the success of any business transaction. On the purchasing side, our team filters through all Alberta businesses for sale in your desired niche and take an in depth look at what candidates meet your needs. On the sale side, our team will analyze the market and do the footwork to approach potential buyers that will best support the succession of your business.

At the end of the day, a business broker can be very adventageous in helping make those buyer and seller introductions.


To help a business sell in a timely manner for the highest profitably, a business owner should first focus on ensuring the business is in a saleable condition. Before you list your business for sale in Alberta, the business owner needs to address a few key problems that can make the company more attractive to a purchaser.

If you’re working on setting your business up for a successful transaction, let the team at Flagship take care of these 9 key steps to achieve the best results.


It is perfectly normal to seek professional guidance when dealing with the sale or purchase of a business, even for the most savvy of business owners. Having a team of experts on your side to interpret and simplify all the details can save you time and money throughout the entire process.

Our brokerage team is ready to service your needs and support you every step of the way in the purchase or sale of a business.