Transaction Coordination

To help a business sell quickly and profitably, a business owner should focus on ensuring the business is in a saleable condition before taking any actions to sell the business.

Addressing Problems for a Higher Valuation

By identifying and effectively addressing problems, the business becomes more attractive to the purchaser and thus will be likely to sell more quickly and for a higher valuation. Further, a clean transaction will also make the company look better in the eyes of a bank or other financier who may be involved in later stages and on which the purchaser may rely.

Preparing for the Sale of Your Business

At Flagship Business Brokers, we can assist you with the following, which increases the value of your company and the speed at which you can finalize a potential sales transaction:

  1. Limiting and removing liabilities
  2. Ensuring the accuracy of records and filings
  3. Accounting for assets
  4. Reviewing employee relationships and contractual agreements
  5. Reviewing supplier or vendor relationships and contractual agreements
  6. Reviewing landlord relationships and commercial leasing agreements
  7. Reviewing customer relationships and contractual agreements
  8. Assessing intellectual property
  9. Evaluating shareholder and other governance issues

Flagship Business Brokers will help guide you through making your business saleable and ensuring you’re in an ideal position to receive the highest possible valuation. With advice and guidance, Flagship will enable a smooth and efficient sale of your business.